The world is our “living room”. Everywhere we go, we have access to anyone we want via (mobile) internet. Yet it remains an adventure to really know the people or the real company behind the digital introduction.

When the use of internet took off, it was proclaimed by a group of people that the internet would drastically decrease the need for people to meet face to face and thus traveling would mainly be considered to be a holiday activity. Well, the internet has broadened our horizons, but the need for personal interactive contact remained. But how to handle efficiently the visits?


When thinking about the industry, it is often impossible to manage all separate suppliers, especially if the purchase value doesn’t necessarily justify traveling half way across the world. And sending an delegation of an official certified supply chain company is a drastic investment and time consuming.

Why Dinvesting

That is where Dinvesting may be the better option. With over 20 years of experience of trading and relationship management in Asia, we know and understand the local habits and ways of doing business. Visiting China and Taiwan regularly has the advantage of holding a long term visa (year round China Visa) and for Tawain holding an ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) offering limitless access to both countries.

Supply chain management

It is like an engine with rotating wheels. All of them have to be “in sync” to create the right speed and direction. For many companies we have made a visit to the factory in the Far East to assess and validate companies and (logistic + quality) processes.

Risk analysis

 The scope of Dinvesting risk analysis is to capture the overall impression of the people, processes and (company) management. Depending on the requirements a visit may take 2~4 hours, a day or even longer. Before the meeting will take place, Dinvesting will request the necessary information, the ultimate goal of what to investigate and initiate contact with the supplier.
Then after the meeting and analysis, a FIR (First Impression Report) will be handed over. In the following period a FER (Final Evaluation Report) can be made part of the task.


Local logistic hub

Some years ago Dinvesting set up a cooperation with a logistic service provider in Shenzhen, China (near Hongkong). It holds accounts with all major worldwide forwarding companies (UPS, Fedex, DHL) and the well-known local large scale forwarders (e.g. SF Logistics).
When it is needed to have a valuable shipment checked and approved, the local hub has the means to do a sample test, a random multi-check up to a negotiable amount of the shipment.
Customs document support can be provided as additional service.


Cost effectiveness

Because the visits to Asia are very regular, customers never have to wait long for the meeting(s) to take place. And because Dinvesting combines the visits to Asia as much as possible all cost involved are shared by several parties. It’s a sweet deal.

In conclusion

For all companies that require that bit extra certainty about the whereabouts of a (potential) supplier, getting to know the real people behind the digital front and how they truly treat customer and orders, Dinvesting may well be the “go between” you have always wanted to work with.

Contact details


Delfland 57, 8245 ED Lelystad, The Netherlands

Email: connect@dinvesting.eu